Twitter Tries Again to Crack Down on Hate Speech

Christian Bertrand/

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The new rules mean that some accounts will be suspended.

Twitter is laying down the law. The social media company announced Monday that policy changes the company proposed last month would officially begin taking effect.

Twitter initially created a Trust and Safety Council in February 2016 to tackle the long history of abuse and harassment on the platform.

So what behavior will no longer be tolerated? Hateful imagery and language in Twitter profiles as well as the use of any language that condones violence. 

The site will permanently ban users for their tweets as a last resort. Before taking that step, Twitter will make requests for that user to remove the offending content. Twitter will also crack down on users who are known to participate in groups that promote violence outside of their actions on the site.

Twitter made one of their first cuts Monday, by suspending the account of Jayda Fransen, the leader of the controversial Britain First group, known for tweeting anti-Muslim rhetoric.

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