Deadline extended for Federal 100 nominations!

You now have until Wednesday, Jan. 11 to get them in. Happy holidays!

Happy holidays to procrastinators in the federal IT community! You now have two more weeks to complete and submit your Federal 100 nominations.

The new deadline (which was originally set for New Year's Eve) is 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Jan. 11. This one is non-negotiable -- on Thursday, Jan. 12, we will be assembling binders and shipping nominations to our judges.

So if you have a nomination that's waiting on that one last bit of information -- or if you wanted to nominate someone but feared you wouldn't make the deadline – now is the time to get moving. 

Remember, all nominations must be made online

Click here for full details on the nomination process. Here's the tl;dr version of what it takes to make the Federal 100:

  • Anyone in the federal IT community is eligible.
  • The award is for individual accomplishments in 2022.
  • Federal 100 winners go above and beyond -- whatever their level or rank. A fancy job title is not required, and just doing one's job well is not enough.
  • Impact matters. The judges need to know not only what a nominee did, but also what all that work accomplished.
  • Pro tip: Don't nominate yourself.

If you work with individuals whose talents, leadership and dedication are making federal IT better, please be sure they have the opportunity to receive the recognition they deserve. Nominate them today.