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I've been terrible about posting our FCW-Federal News Radio show programs here. I haven't posted one since , one of the people behind Intellipedia. I'll try to catch up in the coming days. But today's show is fun because it features the 2008 Rising Stars. No, not all of them, but we have a number of them.For those of you who don't know about it, this is the third year of the Rising Star awards program. As I noted in in the Aug. 18 issue of Federal Computer Week magazine and as I , this is the third year of the Rising Star awards program -- and I love this program. I love it partly because of how it started -- not by me, but rather it was a group of young people who came to us and suggested that it was a good idea. But it is also unique. It was great because we had our cover peeps -- all three of the people who appear on the covers of FCW, GCN and WT.For FCW… , who is working to enable state and local governments to use the GSA schedule contracts, particular in the event of emergencies. Reed is particular interesting, as I mention on the program, because it is a case where wise GSA people acted to keep a rising star. A few years ago, Reed was in DC and she decided that she was going to move to California with her boyfriend. She told GSA managers that she was leaving -- and they wisely said that they would work to keep her. So now she teleworks from California. I have had the opportunity to meet Reed on several occasions, and she is one of those people who you meet and immediately know that she is going to be successful.For GCN… , who works on information security for USPS. His GCN write-up is well done -- he calls himself a troublemaker because his task is to go and find the holes in the Postal Service's network because if USPS doesn't find them, somebody else will.WT… from . TechAccess is a company that works with agencies on making technology accessible to the disabled -- the much discussed yet largely ignored Section 508 rules.We also had , who has been involved in both IAC's Voyager's program and is one of the leaders of AFCEA Bethesda's Young AFCEANs -- and she is another case of somebody who you just know is a leader as soon as you meet her... Simply a remarkable person. (FCW in a wonderfully written article.)As I mentioned earlier, other Rising Star links:* The across the three publications* More on the , including links to the Rising Stars class of and .* * GSA's Josh Sawislak, a senior adviser to the administrator at the General Services Administration and acting chief emergency response and recovery officer.July 1, 2008 -- one of my favorite program of the year -- talking to about collaboration. July 22, 2008 talking of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.
July 22 when we had a fascinating discussion with Chris Rasmussen

the introduction to the Rising Star packagediscussed on Federal News Radio yesterday morning

As I noted last week when I posted the list of winners, there are scores of awards program out there — some might argue that there are too many. But this program remains unique. We look at the work done by younger people in the government IT community, but we are also trying to assess their future potential.

Meanwhile, the program has evolved. In previous years, the awards were limited to Federal Computer Week. That meant we could only profile a certain number of people. But this year, our sister publications are also featuring Rising Star winners. You can see FCW's Rising Star winners in the Aug. 18 issue. The Aug. 11 issue of Washington Technology profiles the industry winners, and this week’s issue of Government Computer News presents the technology winners. The full list of winners across all three publications can be found here.

Like FCW’s prestigious Federal 100 awards program, a team of judges reviewed the nominations we received and selected the winners. You can find a list of the judges online. They took their responsibility seriously, and I personally cannot thank them enough for their time, efforts and energy.

So this morning on FCW's Federal News Radio show, we featured some Rising Stars.

GSA’s Tricia Reed

Kevin Roberson from the Postal Service

Dana MarlowTecAccess

Angela Norris of Oracleprofiled Norris in March

full list of winners

FCW winners20062007

GCN winners

Washington Technology winners

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