China Has a Better iPhone Warranty Than America to Go with Its Apology from Apple

Vincent Thian/AP

After weeks of anti-Apple rhetoric from China's state run media, Apple CEO Tim Cook has made some changes.

After weeks of anti-Apple rhetoric from China's state run media outlets complaining about iPhone customer service standards, Apple CEO Tim Cook has not only written a formal apology but even gone so far as to change the Chinese iPhone warranty policy — and it's better than Apple's American policy now.

Per the new China policy, when an iPhone breaks, Chinese iPhone 4 and 4S owners will get a brand-new phone with brand-new one-year warranties, instead of the refurbished phones with the same old warranties that had led complaints straight to the top in Beijing. Specifically, Chinese consumers will no longer get refurbished parts, and they also have a longer warranty than before.  American consumers, it should be noted, have no such luxuries. 

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