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IT Modernization

Apple CEO Not Interested in Cheap iPhones

Tim Cook says: Tech giant is not in the 'junk business.'


How Google Will Track You Without Cookies

Amid consumer unease over cookies, Google looks at different ways to serve its ads.

CXO Briefing

Facebook and Twitter Access in Iran Was Just a Glitch, for Now

The lack of a filter on Facebook last night was apparently due to technical problems, according to the head of Iran’s filtering and monitoring committee.

IT Modernization

Learning to Live with Terrible New Twitter: A Two Step Program

If users want to continue tweeting, they're going to have to learn to live with the service's new features.


Who Hacked China's Internet Yesterday?

The Chinese Internet was hit with the largest Denial of Service attack it has ever seen.

CXO Briefing

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Is Stepping Down

Some have speculated Ballmer's successor could come from within Microsoft.

Emerging Tech

How Much Good Will Facebook's Internet-for-Everyone Plan Do?

Social media giant and telecom companies are trying to connect 4 billion.


Congress Needs a Lesson in Passwords

Anonymous claims to have the 'current valid credentials' of more than 2,000 people.

CXO Briefing

Here's Everything Microsoft Is Letting the Government See

NSA has privileged access to Outlook, SkyDrive and Skype.


There Are at Least Three Easy Ways to Hack the Emergency Alert System

The small-scale hacking of the Emergency Alert System in Montana to broadcast a supposed zombie apocalypse has revealed the vulnerabilities in alert systems.


What Your Email Metadata Told the NSA About You

The agency has processed more than a trillion metadata records.


Facebook's Former Security Chief Now Works for the NSA

The Chief Security Officer at a tech company is primarily concerned with keeping its information inside the company.


Which Tech Company Does the NSA Use Most?

By sheer numbers alone, the government asks the most of Microsoft.

IT Modernization

All Your Worst Fears About Google Glass Are Coming True

Google's facial recognition API presents a terrifying privacy scenario.


What Google's X Lab Is Cooking Up Next

The company's secretive research office working on a number of neat tech innovations

IT Modernization

Senators Turn Tim Cook's Hearing into an Apple Genius Bar Visit

Sen. John McCain asked Cook why he has to update his apps so frequently.