All the Internet projects that help us through Sandy


These projects make it easier to send and collect relevant data about the storm

Stuck inside with only the Internet, responsible web citizens are doing what they can to inform and aid during the storm. The Internet has created a bunch of projects to help us through Sandy, by either making it easier to parse information, or by providing places for people to send and collect more relevant data. It's pretty incredible what the Web can do, while Sandy has rendered movement useless. Below we've put together a list of all the online projects popping up in light of the hurricane. If you have more feel free to list them in the comments. For our full Sandy coverage, head to our live blog

Google's Crowdsourced Crisis Map

The handiest tool online right is this Google map that pulls together information from users as well as more official sources, making it the most well-rounded information resource in one place. In addition to National Weather Service alerts and that familiar picture of the storm's path, Google has added information about active emergency shelters, traffic conditions (unsurprisingly clear) and related YouTube videos and webcams from the affected region. Visitors can zoom in on their location to watch the webcams. 


Proof that sometimes less is more, this site pulls together texts people are sending in about Sandy conditions. People can text the number to give an overview of conditions in their area. Like all things Internet, SandyFeed has drawn some inappropriate texts, but for the most part it's a useful compilation of localized Sandy information.

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