FCW Insider: FCW-Federal News Radio show with Intellipedia's Chris Rasmussen

I'm backed up posting shows from FCW's In fact, I haven't posted one since the show featuring EPA CIO Molly O'Neill, which is still one of the best of the year. One of them features Marty Wagner, and I'm not sure I want to run that right now — although it captures Marty. So anyway, I'll try to get to them this week.But, before I get further behind…the show that aired today featured , and it is a pretty good one, too, if I do say so myself.For those of you who don't know, Rasmussen is a social software knowledge manager and trainer within the intelligence community. He works for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, known as NGA, although he has almost nothing to do with geospatial data. Rasmussen is part of the team that created , the remarkable government 2.0 experiment that is going on in the intelligence community.Rasmussen -- and the entire Intellipedia team -- deserve a lot of credit for really approaching a problem in a very different way. They don't even think outside the box. There is no box. And they have taken some flack for it. But they -- and the program -- deserve the attention it has garnered because it is innovative. In particular, Rasmussen is a rock star. He is so passionate about this stuff. He's young -- and sometimes that comes through -- but he also doesn't get tied down in so much of the government 'we don't do business that way' stuff. He's a smart guy, and you get a glips of that on the show.During the show, I suggested that it is an interesting time for Intellipedia. Rasmussen and I have talked about this, and he often says that he thinks people are bored talking about wikis and blogs. Unfortunately, the truth is I think Rasmussen and many of his colleagues are bored talking about wikis and blogs. They are on the cutting edge, and they have been waging a remarkable battle to get people to try new ways of doing things. It is no small task. And they have seen some successes. But, in fact, I think we are at the very early stages of the bell curve. There is some push-back on the government 2.0 concepts — and they certainly aren't a silver bullet for all problems — but I continue to believe they are innovative tools that will enable people to work together in a more collaborative environment, if organizations and their leadership try them.Here is the show. I'd be interested in your thoughts.Some show notes by way of background:* Federal Computer Week, May 30, 2008* Federal Computer Week, June 16, 2008From the 1105 GovInfo Government Leadership Summit in June in Williamsburg, Va.* As part of an , we profiled four case studies in collaboration. One of them was . Read the , including stories from our sister publications — Government Computer News and Washington Technology — or read the .* Rasmussen audio presentation from the 2006 Government CIO Summit, where he talks about Intellipedia, wikis, blogs and collaboration. You can hear it at .Other Intellipedia resources:* CIA story about the , which includes a link to the 2004 paper by CIA employee Calvin Andrus titled ." Josh Sawislak, a senior adviser to the administrator at the General Services Administration and acting chief emergency response and recovery officer.July 1, 2008 — one of my favorite programs of the year — talking to about collaboration.
Federal News Radio show, called the Government IT Solutions Spotlight featuring Federal Computer Week and sponsored by CDW-G. The show airs each Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET on D.C.'s Federal News Radio AM 1050.

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