Here's How to Save Phone Data While Traveling


Keep your device offline and it will save you some dough.

As the holiday season approaches, people are finalizing the details of their upcoming travel plans.

Keeping the smartphone offline can be key while traveling, especially when traveling abroad. No one wants to discover massive data charges after they've returned home. But many travelers will still need a smartphone for some essential tasks.

Anyone planning to travel abroad, or simply somewhere remote, should download the areas they'll be visiting in Google Maps before going offline. 

To do that in the app, bring up the area you want to save, then tap menu, then offline maps, then select your own map. Once you're offline and trying to navigate around, just go into the app and then tap menu, then offline maps.

Travelers should also download Google Translate before they leave. Once downloaded, go to the app's menu and then tap offline translation. Select the language needed and then download it.

Now that dictionary will be on your smartphone when you need it. You can look up the meaning to "Where is the bathroom?" without using any data and spending any money.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET