Get to Know Android O's Latest Features

Asif Islam/

Android's new operating system is designed for convenience.

Google recently announced their upcoming smartphone operating system, Android O. Android currently runs on 2 billion devices already, so the tech giant hopes that these new updates will give them a more seamless smartphone experience.

"We wanted to make your daily experience just more fluid, so you could be more productive and less frustrated," said Dave Burke, VP of Engineering at Google.

Many new features in the operating system facilitate multitasking, like the picture in picture function. If you're navigating using Google maps, but also want to text your friend that you're 10 minutes away, users can keep Google Maps up in a small portion of the screen, while the rest of the screen is free for use.

The autofill function eases the pain of logging into apps. If you've ever logged into a service like Twitter in the Google Chrome browser and used the Chrome autofill function, that can now transfer to the app version of the service on Android, making logging in a breeze.

The Smart Text Selection feature is designed to make copying and pasting faster. In previous versions of Android, users could initially only select one word to copy and paste. Machine learning automatically selects whole phrases, addresses and phone numbers to copy and paste.

To see Android O in action, check out the video below from CNET