These Bluetooth Trackers Make Sure You Don't Lose Anything Ever Again

Jozef Sowa/

No more ransacking the entire house.

Are you constantly losing your keys or wallet or even the glasses on top of your head? A Bluetooth tracker might be for you then.

Tile is a smartphone app that connects to small tiles that come in different sizes and fit easily on a keyring or in a wallet. The app can make the tile ring, allowing you to find those keys stuffed between the couch cushions. Users can also press a button on the tile to ring their lost phone.

The Pixie system also helps locate things. Place one icon on the back of your phone, and another on an easily lost object. But instead of using sound, Pixie uses your smartphone's camera to scan the room and locate your keys, wallet or sacred amulet.

TrackR Bravo is another option. It works similar to Tile, but can be used among a group of people so each member of the family can find the house keys if needed.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET

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