This Smartphone Can Break Your Smartphone Addiction


Fewer apps, less distraction.

For many of us, smartphones have become a necessity for work and life. Staying connected 24/7 has its obvious benefits, but saps users focus and shortens our attention spans.

One smartphone currently in development, Siempo, bills itself as a solution: A smartphone without distractions.

Its interface features only essential functions like email and maps, but the device won't have any social media or even an app store. And to do any task on this device, users have to type a command or an "intention."

Siempo also lets users set a timer, so all notifications are sent in batches at the allotted time. This way, users can get into a rhythm of checking their phone once every hour, instead of obsessively checking it for updates. And if you're about to enter a long meeting or simply need a screen break? Set a timer to silence all notifications.

While this phone isn't as high tech as an upcoming iPhone release, it could provide useful to those who need a smartphone, but want less screen time.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET