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Augmenting human investigators is a better option than doing reinvestigations less frequently.

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Get Your Federal Team In Sync With Zero Trust Security

Adopting a Zero Trust architecture solves the “flat network” problem that helps attackers move undetected inside corporate networks so they can find and exfiltrate sensitive data.

Agencies Should Rethink Their Communications in an Era of Leaks

Both government organizations and political campaigns must rethink how they communicate, as channels once thought to be secure are not.

The Time to Automate Security is Now

Freeing up time to get away from fighting fires should be a huge priority.

The Role of Analytics in Federal IT Modernization

A strong analytics program can help ensure that federal agencies get the most out of the IT modernization program and the available funds.

Why Government Gamification Still Matters

Gamification is becoming increasingly important in civilian and defense matters.

Understanding and Attracting the Next-Generation Navy Sailor

If the Navy ensures sailors are challenged and excited by the technologies they’re using, these individuals might opt to stay in the service longer.

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Key Areas Governments Can Benefit from Social Media

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CDM Bill Is a Small Price for Major Cybersecurity Improvements

The legislation has the potential to correct many of the shortcomings of the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program’s initial implementation.

The Federal Workforce is Shrinking—Let Technology Help

Agencies could turn to platforms that help manage the information employees currently manage and process.

Governments Need to Re-tool the IT Workforce (Again)

Leaders should encourage change agents, and those government workers will need to develop and maintain certain skills and capabilities.

The Key to Government’s Digital Transformation is Data Literacy

Without data literacy, the prospect of quickly meeting the administration’s data and IT modernization goals is simply not feasible.

The U.S. Military Just Partially Banned Geolocatable Cellphones. That's a Start.

The consequences of internet-of-things insecurity on national security should now be clear.