Bringing a Human-Centered Approach to Immersive Experiences 

Change is always challenging, especially when a new technology is fighting the “novelty” perception.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Step Up for Military Maintenance

"We have seen in similar scenarios at a large aerospace and defense company where technicians with hardly one year of experience have been able to outperform technicians with four or five years of experience," GridRaster Co-Founder and COO Dijam Panigrahi said.

A Day Without Facebook

The social giant’s temporary disappearance means absolutely nothing.

Most Vaccine-Hesitant People Remain Willing to Change Their Minds

A new study shows people's views are not set in stone. The director of the National Institutes of Health explains.

Why Improvisation Is the Future in an AI-Dominated World

Which human activities will survive the rise of intelligent machines?

Intentionally Creating a Culture that Prioritizes Customer Experience

Culture begins to shift when new behaviors are established that generate meaningful results, and wins are loudly, publicly celebrated.

Employers Have Been Offering the Wrong Office Amenities

Workplaces need fresh air, not foosball tables and coffee bars.

A Profession Is Not a Personality

Reducing yourself to any single characteristic, whether it be your title or your job performance, is a deeply damaging act.

5 Lessons Learned as the CISO for the U.S. Postal Service

Agencies cannot stop hackers from targeting them. But we can—and should—develop risk management strategies.

Prioritizing Breach Prevention for a Secure Government  

A more secure government happens when hackers are stopped before they can touch critical data and systems—when a breach is prevented, not mitigated.

Why Government Agencies Fail at DevSecOps—and How They Can Succeed 

Instead of seeking out short-term gains, agencies need to focus on the long-term benefits.

The Pandemic Has People Stuck in a Bad Mental/Physical Loop

Participants talked about how caregiving, exhaustion, and mental health stressors kept them from being active, perpetuating the cycle.

5 Post-Pandemic Federal Telecom Trends 

The past year and a half of telework and remote service delivery have accelerated the impact of the government's digital transformation efforts.

How AI and Data Can Increase Resilience in the New Era of the Pandemic 

While we can’t stop crises from happening, we can find ways to use data to anticipate impact and help with recovery.

Artificial Intelligence is Good at Less Exciting Military Roles Too

Maintenance is critical in the military, and this is a good example of how AI can be used right now to help improve operations.

Another Truth About Remote Work

A misconception about the prevalence of working from home explains a lot about confirmation bias in America.