New Movie Chronicles Rise and Fall of Government’s First Secure Smartphone Devices

BlackBerry devices were at one time almost completely ubiquitous in government service.

CDC: Cases of Kids Diagnosed With Profound Autism on the Rise

Over a 16-year period, the rate of profound autism doubled to 4.6 cases per 1,000 eight-year-olds. Children most likely to be diagnosed are poor, female, and non-white.

A Brief History of Debt Ceiling Crises and the Political Chaos They’ve Unleashed

There are political as well as economic risks to debt standoffs in Congress.

OMB’s Latest Workplace Guidance Goes Beyond Asking Agencies to Cut Back Telework

The memo requires agencies to undergo periodic health checkups to make sure they are meeting their performance goals.

Forecasters: 2023 Will Be a 'Very Active' Hurricane Season

Forecasters expect a hurricane season similar to 2017, one of the worst and most costly on record.

Building Cyber Resiliency in the U.S. Government

The public sector is making progress but must embrace technological innovation.

Study: Americans Are Getting Better at Avoiding Misinformation

Research suggests Americans are visiting websites that repeatedly make false claims or news stories.

Rethinking Cybersecurity in a Boundaryless World

Government agencies are embracing a zero-trust approach to risk management.

Social Media Scatters Your Brain, And Then You Buy Stuff You Don't Need

Experiments suggest prolonged social media use changes the way users respond to ads.

Dad's Drinking Tied to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Defects

New research challenges existing dogma that links fetal alcohol syndrome only to the mother’s drinking.