Fight for Control Threatens to Destabilize and Fragment the Internet

International power plays are a threat to a stable, open internet.

Young Workers Want Good Communications, Not Perks

Researchers say more emphasis needs to go toward training leaders and managers on how to be effective communicators and convey respectful communication with their employees.

Why Women Need Male Allies in the Workplace – and Why Fighting Everyday Sexism Enriches Men Too

Women who perceive their male colleagues as allies are more likely to feel included in a workplace.

Screentime Can Make You Feel Sick – Here Are Ways to Manage Cybersickness

Your devices can trigger symptoms similar to motion sickness.

A Guide to Delivering Great Experiences for Employees as They Embrace the Future of Work

Federal agencies need to invest in technologies that enable employees to work from both the office and remote locations.

Institutional Authority Has Vanished. Wikipedia Points to the Answer.

The crowdsourced reference site can teach the CDC how to communicate in an era of rumors and shifting information.

Why People End Up Mad When AI Flags Toxic Speech

Facebook says its artificial intelligence models identified and pulled down 27 million pieces of hate speech in the final three months of 2020.

The State of Data Security in the Federal Government

Most agencies don’t have a solid grasp of what data they have or where it is located.

Low- and Middle-Income Countries Lack Access to Big Data Analysis – Here’s How to Fill the Gap

Statistical infrastructure can help improve everything from health care to politics.

Why Your Leisure Time Is in Danger

Stop treating your time off as a productivity hack.

DOD’s Forecast Post-JEDI: Multi-Cloud with a Chance of Peril

The Defense Department's needs are diverse and have become even more disparate amidst the post-SolarWinds landscape.

News Media Accidentally Boosted Russian Disinformation Tweets

Mainstream and hyperpartisan news media significantly amplified Internet Research Agency messaging and contributed to that follower growth by unknowingly embedding its tweets in their content.

Neckties Are the New Bow Ties

Now that tie wearers have tasted freedom, no one should expect them to go back.

Achieving Better Outcomes with Managed DevSecOps Services 

A challenge for many agencies is the initial configuration of a DevSecOps environment—tools are cumbersome and require significant human resource skills.

Changing How App Stores Operate Could Have National Security Implications

As Congress considers how to increase competition for app stores run by Apple, Google and others, it also needs to consider potential cybersecurity threats.

AI Teaches a Robot How to Learn to Walk

The system allows legged robots to adapt to their environment by exploring and interacting with the world.