Power Through Vulnerability: The New Chapter in Leadership

Are you comfortable enough at work to show your flaws?

Why Singapore's Coronavirus Response Worked—and What We Can All Learn

The first thing that helped with its response was it was ready before the outbreak even occurred.

How to Avoid COVID-19 Fake News

The first tip is to get your info from established news sources, not social media.

Cybersecurity Must Be Embedded in Every Aspect of Government Technology

While cybersecurity has evolved, it has not kept pace with cyber threats that have become increasingly sophisticated.

Don’t Let Data Die in the Dark

The ramifications of disorganized data can impact a business far beyond paying consumers financial settlements for non-compliance. 

How Feds Can Work Safely Despite Coronavirus

Technology has made it so that many workers can do their jobs from home, especially if the right precautions are taken.

Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Executive Order Welcomed with Mixed Reactions

Some stakeholders applauded the administration’s attention to PNT services while others said the order kicked the real work down the road.

You Already Live in Quarantine

Being holed up at home has never been more pleasant.

The Official Coronavirus Numbers Are Wrong, and Everyone Knows It

Because the U.S. data on coronavirus infections are so deeply flawed, the quantification of the outbreak obscures more than it illuminates.

Predicting the Coronavirus Outbreak: How AI Connects the Dots to Warn About Disease Threats

While the CDC and laboratories around the world race to find cures for the novel coronavirus, researchers are using AI to try to predict where the disease will go next.

The Path to Improved Citizen Digital Experiences

Measuring digital efforts is critical to creating meaningful improvements for citizens.

The Problem With Telling Sick Workers to Stay Home

Even with the coronavirus spreading, lax labor laws and little sick leave mean that many people can’t afford to skip work.

'Surfing Attacks' Could Let Hackers Read Your Texts

“We want to raise awareness of such a threat,” says Ning Zhang, assistant professor at the Washington University in St. Louis.