Kids Might Close Government’s IT Talent Gap

Technology literacy rates are on the rise, likely due to the emphasis placed on STEM education in schools.

It’s Time for a National Digital Strategy

And its focus should be to drive simplified citizen interactions across government.

The Technology That Could Transform Congestion Pricing

As cities like New York move ahead with plans to charge motorists to enter certain urban areas, we need to think about the best ways to manage road tolling.

The Logical Next Step in the Technical Evolution

Military services are already embracing IT as a service. Will civilian agencies follow suit?

The Citizen is Always Right

How to regain trust through a focus on customer experience.

What Facebook Could Have Been

A shareable online diary was an obvious idea in the early 2000s. What if a college student’s version hadn’t won out?

The Transformative Potential of Hybrid Cloud Within Government Agencies

Here are three ways government agencies can facilitate and accelerate their move to hybrid cloud.

The End of Cyberspace

Internet theorists and companies once declared themselves free of nations and governance, but that’s all over now.

The Government Wants To Teach Drones Some New Tricks

Recent Army contracts focus on the skies while DARPA is focused on underground efforts.

Can Blockchain Finally Bring a Centralized Source of Truth to Government?

Blockchain offers a future devoid of third-party intervention and a worldwide ecosystem of secure, easily-accessible information.

Automation’s Impact Today Goes Well Beyond the Obvious

Automation is a champion for those with self-motivation and drive.

Twitter Is Not America

A new Pew study finds a gulf between the general population and Twitter users.

Speed: The Most Essential Concept in Cyber

Speed defines both the success of the defender and the attacker.

Government Workforce Management—Overdue for an Overhaul

Agencies are handicapped by outdated management rules—it isn’t a worker problem, it’s a system problem.