Vaccination to Prevent Dementia? New Research Suggests Viral Infections can Accelerate Neurodegeneration

Avoiding viruses over decades may help humans avoid Alzheimer's disease.

White House Blueprint is the Starting Point for Building Responsible AI

COMMENTARY | The report brings new urgency to ongoing agency efforts.

Combating Antisemitism Today: Holocaust Education in the Era of Twitter and TikTok

Social media has the power to amplify accurate, or inaccurate, information.

Implant That Turns Thought Into Action Appears Safe in Trial

The implants could allow humans to control robotic arms, legs and and assortment of other future devices with the power of thought alone.

Team Grabs Radio Signal from Most Distant Galaxy Yet

It's the equivalent of a look back nearly 9 billion years.

2023: The Year of Modern Government

COMMENTARY | Governments will need to embrace a people-first approach in their modernization journeys.

Webb Telescope Reveals Super Early Milky Way-Like Galaxies

COMMENTARY | New images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope reveal for the first time galaxies with stellar bars at a time when the universe was a mere 25% of its present age.

Beyond Section 230: A Pair of Social Media Experts Describes How to Bring Transparency and Accountability to the Industry

COMMENTARY | We think change in Section 230 is coming – and we believe that it is long overdue.

Can Machine Learning Predict the Next Big Disaster?

A new study shows how machine learning could predict rare disastrous events, like earthquakes or pandemics.

Probe Could Find Whether Saturn's Moon Hosts Life

Recent discoveries indicate the moon's surface has massive saltwater oceans.

Changing Government Engagement in 2023

Four trends are showing improvements in the daily work of government employees.