The Importance of Leadership Communication in a Telework Environment

Senior leaders have a responsibility to foster trust and cohesion among staff. That requires a deliberate approach.

Defending Against Cybersecurity Moles Inside Your Agency

The move to a virtual workforce has been a boon to industrious hackers.

Trump, Defying Custom, Hasn't Given the National Archives Records of His Speeches at Political Rallies

Almost 10% of the president’s total public speeches are excluded from the official record.

From COBOL to Cloud: DOD’s Digital Journey

Migrating big systems can be a huge project. But technologies are standing by to help you achieve it.

The End of Hygiene Theater

The CDC has finally said what scientists have been screaming for months: The coronavirus is overwhelmingly spread through the air, not via surfaces.

What Will Life Look Like After Most People Get the Vaccine?

Experts expect changes to health care systems, businesses, and educational and cultural institutions

The Biden Administration’s Cybersecurity Roadmap

Making some changes to how the federal government buys cyber tools is one of the things the new Homeland Security secretary has mentioned.

What Inspired Digital Nomads to Flee America’s Big Cities May Spur Legions of Remote Workers to Do the Same

Even before the pandemic, there were people asking whether office life jibed with their aspirations.

Digital Innovations Will Enhance CX in Government and Timing Couldn’t Be Better

But it’s important to remember that the citizen experience is about more than just the latest technology tools.

How CDOs Can Tackle the Federal Data Strategy 2021 Action Plan 

Chief data officers will be making quick decisions that have far-reaching implications for their organizations.

The Quick Morning Task Sparks Leadership Vibes

Whether you’re the boss or on your way up the ladder, “this is a tool to be more effective at work,” researchers say.

Late Night Snacks Cost You the Next Day at Work

Physical and emotional strains associated with unhealthy eating were related to changes in how people behaved at work throughout the day.

Higher Income Makes People Feel More Confident

Researchers found consistent evidence to show that income reliably predicted greater positive self-regard emotions and lower negative self-regard emotions.

Scientists Need to Become Better Communicators, but It's Hard to Measure Whether Training Works

Scientists began to realize they needed to do better at explaining their findings in the 1990s after some groups rejected findings about climate change.

NASA Reaches for the Wright Stuff

Just being able to successfully hover off the ground will be a huge victory for the Ingenuity helicopter.