Artemis Launch Delay Is the Latest of Many NASA Scrubs and Comes from Hard Lessons on Crew Safety

After its fourth delay, the Artemis 1 launch is now scheduled for Nov. 16, 2022. NASA has a history of missing launch deadlines, but the private sector is slowly making launches more reliable.

A Vision for Digital Transformation at VA

Solution-focused engineering and collaboration can address many of the key challenges VA is facing and facilitate practical solutions.

Women get Fewer Chances to Speak on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, According to an AI-powered, Large-scale Analysis of Interruptions

On large news networks, artificial intelligence suggests women "get fewer opportunities" to engage in dialog that gets politically contentious.

Emissions From E-Waste Spiked 53% in 6 Years

Electronic devices emit a significant amount of pollution.

AI is Changing Scientists’ Understanding of Language Learning – And Raising Questions About an Innate Grammar

Is living in a language-rich world enough to teach a child grammatical language?

4 Steps to Create a Citizen-Centric Government with Trusted Data

Public expectations have put pressure on agencies to deliver experiences that are equal to or better than those offered by the private sector.

Signatures of Alien Technology Could Be How Humanity First Finds Extraterrestrial Life

Astronomers have been looking for radio waves sent by a distant civilization for more than 60 years.

Exoskeleton Boot Steps Into the Real World Without a Tether

The exoskeleton makes use of machine learning to provide personalized thrust.