AI Algorithms Intended to Root Out Welfare Fraud Often End Up Punishing the Poor Instead

These systems must be designed in ways that are fair, transparent and accountable to prevent hurting society’s most vulnerable.

To Protect Data, Organizations Must Stop Being ‘Cloud Dumb’

The first thing executives need to understand is that the cloud providers aren’t responsible for protecting data.

How to Fast-Track Next-Gen Cybersecurity Tools from Government Labs 

Startup foundries can help transform government ideas for public protection.

How Citizen Scientists Can Help Protect Water Quality

One of the ways to help these groups gather data is to give them better tools and training.

America’s Hopelessly Anemic Response to One of the Largest Personal-Data Breaches Ever

The government has indicted four members of China’s People’s Liberation Army for hacking into the credit-reporting agency Equifax. The question is why.

Longer Thumbs Lead to More Smartphone Touch Errors

It's not your big, dumb thumbs, it's your long, dumb thumbs.

Hackers Could Shut Down Satellites—or Turn Them into Weapons

On the mundane end of scale, hackers could simply shut satellites down.

How Your Laptop Ruined Your Life

Smartphones aren’t the only killers of work-life balance.

Encryption and a New Paradigm for Security’s Data-Centric Future

ITAR’s new encryption carve-out paves the way for secure and private collaboration.

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