Interesting, Cool and Totally Random Things the Government is Trying to Auction Off


Need a fur coat? A watch? A lighthouse? GSA has you covered.

Pinterest is typically known as a great place to find a cake recipe or a wedding idea, not so much an 89th Airlift Wing or a lighthouse in the Long Island Sound.

But that's exactly what the General Services Administration is auctioning off -- and showing off on its "Interesting Things the Government is Selling" Pinterest page

On Sept. 3, GSA had seven Black Hawk helicopters up for auction. 

These choppers don't come cheap though, with the sale requiring a $100,000 safety deposit. 

The agency displayed the goods in a recent tweet:

A quick perusal of GSA's auction shows less expensive things as well, including cameras, fur coats, iPods, jewelry and even a bag of lottery tickets. My personal favorite lower-cost item is this refrigerator, with a current bid of $5.

While the auction site is free and available to the public to user, bidding anonymously is out of the question. Users must confirm their identities during registration and use the Treasury Department's payment system if they win the bidding war. 

To check out everything that goes up for auction, take a look at the page here.

(Image via Maxx-Studio/