Cloud Computing Isn’t Just for Email


In an era of declining or stagnant budgets, remote computing offers agencies an opportunity to improve operations and network security.

For a lot of federal IT managers, cloud computing offers tremendous potential for tackling a range of challenges, from optimizing data storage to maintaining the most up-to-date software and security. But for most agencies, it remains just that -- potential.

On April 8, Nextgov will explore that potential -- both tapped and untapped -- at a half-day event in Washington: The Path to Open Cloud. David Bennett, chief information officer at the Defense Information Systems Agency, will give a keynote presentation drawing on his experience leading one of the most complex IT organizations in government.

During Bennett’s tenure, DISA has given the nod to a number of commercial cloud service providers, most recently Amazon Web Services, allowing the companies to compete for departmentwide contracts handling low-risk unclassified information. The cloud service providers have met security standards established through the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, known as FedRAMP, as well as additional Defense-unique security standards. Even DISA is getting into the cloud business. Last week the agency launched its own cloud computing service for the department, called milCloud.

Also speaking at the event will be FedRAMP Director Maria Roat, who will discuss how this critical program is evolving. Roat brings a wealth of experience to the issue from her previous stints at the Homeland Security Department and her 26-year Navy career. Speakers will discuss the potential for savings and increased efficiency, case studies in public cloud integration and security challenges and requirements.

Federal employees can register for the free event here.   

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