Video: Small Business Administrator Hangs Out

Karen Mills touts social media for small businesses

The White House continued its string of Google+ events with Small Business Administration head Karen Mills, who hosted the hangout last week to announce the winners of its Small Business Week video contest .

The four contest winners and small business owners also participated in the hangout to discuss the national export initiative, the patriot express loan for veterans, and the specifics of the website, as well as take questions from Twitter.

Mills also touched on the SBA’s philosophy on social media for small businesses.

“At the SBA, we realized that social media is one of the critical tools that small businesses can use, really in a cost effective way. In fact it levels the playing field because you don’t have to have tens of millions of dollars in order to get on national TV, you can target your specific product to customers who might want to know about you,” Mills said. “What we need to do is get social media tools out in the hands of small businesses. So we are extremely active, and we have a great team.”

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