Spending time in space can harm the human body

COMMENTARY | But scientists are working to mitigate these risks before sending people to Mars

Solving government employee experience crisis

COMMENTARY | When equipped with leading-edge technology and supported by private sector partners who understand and value the government's mission, federal employees can better serve the citizens that depend on government service.

What is USB-C? A computer engineer explains the one device connector to rule them all

COMMENTARY | With pressure from the European Union, Apple has thrown in the towel on its Lightning connector in favor of the standard USB-C.

NASA report finds no evidence that UFOs are extraterrestrial

COMMENTARY | NASA’s UAP study team and newly appointed director of UAP research represent growing efforts to study and declassify UFO-related data.

Why humans can’t trust AI

COMMENTARY | You don’t know how it works, what it’s going to do or whether it’ll serve your interests.

Remembering reinventing government 30 years later

Commentary | Steve Kelman remembers how Al Gore's Reinventing Government effort helped change federal procurement.

What is geospatial intelligence?

COMMENTARY | A geographer explains the powerful melding of maps and data.

Experts alone can’t handle AI

COMMENTARY | Social scientists explain why the public needs a seat at the table.

Why chief data officers matter

COMMENTARY: Whether it's unemployment, Mars, borders or food, we need data and leaders to achieve desired outcomes.

Keep the focus in procurement on best value products and services for the government

Commentary | Steve Kelman argues that the current cornerstone of Part 1 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation is the right one for taxpayers and agencies.

Machines can’t always take the heat

COMMENTARY | Two engineers explain the physics behind how heat waves threaten everything from cars to computers.

Empathy, continuous feedback are keys to CX success

COMMENTARY | How human-centered design can optimize outcomes for customer experience initiatives.

Geoengineering sounds like a quick climate fix

COMMENTARY | But without more research and guardrails, it’s a costly gamble − with potentially harmful results.

Time for Congress to rationalize the c-suite

COMMENTARY | A proliferation of IT and management reforms going back more than 40 years have complicated the path to modernizing legacy technology systems.

From Shanghai to a Senate-confirmed government post

COMMENTARY | Steve Kelman presents the story of another fed who’s been around for years since leaving the Kennedy School.