Analyst, Analyze Thyself!

Analytics professionals spend more time gathering data than they dedicate to analyzing it, according to a recent survey.

The Zero-Day War? How Cyber is Reshaping the Future of the Most Combustible Conflicts

Recent history has shown that states often use their offensive cyber arsenals to achieve surprisingly de-escalatory effects.

Twitter Is Banning Political Ads – But the Real Battle for Democracy Is with Facebook and Google

Twitter’s political ad ban will have little effect on elections around the globe.

Robots Can Outwit Us on the Virtual Battlefield, So Let's Not Put Them in Charge of the Real Thing

A bot called AlphaStar plays the popular real-time strategy game StarCraft II at Grandmaster level

Why Companies Should Be Open About Cybersecurity

Companies that are open about their cybersecurity risk management fare significantly better with investors than peers that don’t disclose those efforts, new research shows.

5 Milestones that Created the Internet, 50 Years After the First Network Message

Will 2019 events become a turning point for the internet?

How Federal Employees Can Get Training for the Best Job in America

In-person events and online courses can offer options for people with a computer science background. 

5G: Investing in a Smarter Alternative 

The U.S. needs to deepen its commitment to research and development and a diverse supply chain.

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Here’s where campaigns should focus.

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The unicorn massacre unfolding today is exactly the opposite of what happened in 2000.

Get Proactive to Better Arm Yourself Against Cyberattacks

Agencies must move to an integrated data-driven approach aimed at predicting and preventing cyber threats.

What America Didn’t Anticipate About China

For too long, policy makers ignored the possibility that China could transform the U.S., rather than the other way around.