FITARA Scores Are the Push Agencies Need to Improve Basic Federal Cyber Hygiene

Here are some ideas where do government IT leaders can improve cybersecurity at their agency.

Directed Energy Weapons Shoot Painful but Non-Lethal Beams – Are Similar Weapons Behind the Havana Syndrome?

In 2020, a study on Havana syndrome by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine concluded that the more than 130 victims experienced some real physical phenomena.

Cybercriminals Use Pandemic to Attack Schools and Colleges

The average ransomware attack cost educational institutions $2.73 million.

GPS Lessons from Before 9/11 Still Endanger the U.S.

“Public policy must ensure, primarily, that safety is maintained even in the event of loss of GPS,” officials wrote in the 2001 Volpe Report.

We Cannot Afford to Wait to Bolster Maritime Cybersecurity

Maritime ransomware attacks are on the rise.

Alexa and Siri Won't Make Your Kids Bossy

A new study finds kids are sensitive to context when it comes to conversation.

A New Platform Lets You Buy Shares of Blue-Chip Paintings – but Is Art a Wise Investment?

For as little as $20, you can now own a tiny piece of a valuable work of art.

Apple’s Plan to Scan Your Phone Raises the Stakes on a Key Question: Can You Trust Big Tech?

Other large tech companies also have considerable control over customers’ devices and insight into their data.

Over-the-Counter Rapid Antigen Tests Can Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19 – Here’s How to Use Them Effectively

Rapid antigen COVID-19 tests, designed for use at home, can show results in 15 minutes.

Automation Is the Key to Continuous Cybersecurity Compliance 

Manually updating spreadsheets to manage the security of cloud offerings isn't going to cut it.

3 Essential Steps in Implementing a Comprehensive User Monitoring Program

Agencies must implement a comprehensive user monitoring program that effectively combines the human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

For Engineers, Asking for Help at Work Is Influenced by Gender

Gender still had an effect on employees’ perceptions of how easy it was to acquire knowledge from colleagues, even when considering age, race, expertise, seniority and how often the colleagues spoke to each other.

Data Science Education Lacks a Much-Needed Focus on Ethics

Undergraduate students need to learn the responsible use of data science as well as the nuts and bolts.

Turning Off Your Camera Can Ease 'Zoom Fatigue'

Employees should have the autonomy to choose whether or not to use their camera, a study found.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot Raises Serious Concerns – but Probably Not the Ones You Think

The Tesla Bot comes with a whole portfolio of risks that are hard to quantify and easy to overlook and yet inevitably end up tripping up innovators.

Your Phone Is Your Private Space

Without evidence of wrongdoing, neither public agents nor private companies should be rifling through the photos on your personal devices.

‘Get Out Now’ – Inside the White House on 9/11, According to the Staffers Who Were There

A top White House aide to President George W. Bush recounts what 9/11 was like for White House staffers.