The Path Toward a Holistic Zero Trust Architecture

The Defense Department's anticipated guidelines should inspire more organizations to follow such a model, moving zero trust from a buzzword to reality. 

Strict Distancing Keeps Your COVID Risk Much Lower

Using public transportation, visiting a place of worship, or otherwise traveling from the home is associated with a significantly higher likelihood of testing positive, the researchers report.

To Connect with Other, Call Instead of Texting

Many people embrace texting to avoid awkwardness.

DeVos Vows to Require Standardized Tests Again: 4 Questions Answered

States may face a financial hit if they do not heed DeVos’ warning about testing.

When You Can’t Add Cybersecurity Staff, Build Cyber-Resiliency Instead

But organizations should be careful that they aren’t just throwing additional, sophisticated tools at existing employees to solve the problem.

Why Female Bosses Get Different Reactions than Men when They Criticize Employees

This has important implications for the success of women in leadership.

It’s Time to Shore up the Universal Service Fund So It Can Live up to Its Name

Congress needs to create a solution that reflects how Americans actually use telecommunications services rather than how we once did.

What a Smoky Bar Can Teach Us about the '6-Foot Rule' During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s important to understand the rule's limitations.

Diving into Government’s Trusted Internet Connections Standard 3.0 

The policy lays out the framework for security, but allows agencies to fill in the details based on their unique missions.

How to Head Off Public Assistance Fraud Before Dollars Go Out the Door

Opting to chase and recover money fraudsters steal from government agencies is not a sustainable strategy.

How to Read Coronavirus News and Learn What You Actually Need to Know about Staying Safe in the Pandemic

Viewers and readers relate more to personal tales than they do to dry statistics.

Jerks Don't Actually Get Ahead at Work

That’s not to say that jerks don’t reach positions of power.

Subj: This Email Could Wreak Havoc on the 2020 Election

Beware of COVID-related phishing threats that target local voting.