Look to the Roman Empire to Truly Understand Zero Trust

With the network border blurry at best, we no longer have a single and convenient point of telemetry collection to force the attacker in the open.

Make Your Mom Happier

Plenty of moms feel something less than unmitigated joy around their grown-up kids. Make sure yours feels that she’s getting as much out of her relationship with you as she gives.

How Design Thinking Can Improve Public Sector IT

With its push to provide faster, more predictable and higher quality software, public sector IT organizations may have discounted the need for design.

COVID-19 Lockdown Stressed All Ages, But in Different Ways

Overall, more than one-third of the children and adolescents screened positive for one of the mental health problems assessed in the study.

Why We Remember More by Reading – Especially Print – than from Audio or Video

Learning is generally more successful when it’s on paper than onscreen.

6 Questions for the Boss Who Wants You Back in Your Cubicle

Here’s how to find out if your workplace’s return-to-office plans are actually safe.

Busting the Bureaucratic Myth, One Amazing Achievement at a Time

Federal employees accomplished a lot last year—it’s time to give them the respect they deserve.

Beeple, Meet CPARS

Forget art. What if agencies used non-fungible tokens for reporting contractor performance?

Exoskeleton Cloud One Day Boost Walking Speed of Older Adults

Being unable to walk quickly can be frustrating and problematic, but it is a common issue, especially as people age.

Post-vaccination Inertia Is Real

Readjusting our ideas about what’s safe is going to take time.

What Texas Power Outages Can Teach Us About Securing the Electric Grid

Cyber threats have the potential to impact the power grid in a similarly serious manner.

Your Brain Responds to Happy Screams Faster than Fearful Ones

A study revealed six emotionally distinct types of these calls indicating pain, anger, fear, pleasure, sadness and joy.

To Future-Proof the American Economy, We Need 5 Million Digital Jobs in 5 Years

The challenge isn’t having enough workers to fill these roles: It’s that available workers aren’t trained in these high-demand areas.

Space Tourism – 20 Years in the Making – Is Finally Ready for Launch

With companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin hoping to build a future for humanity in space, space tourism is a way to demonstrate both the safety and reliability of space travel to the general public.

FTC Warns the AI Industry: Don't Discriminate, or Else

“Keep in mind that if you don’t hold yourself accountable, the FTC may do it for you,” an agency blog post said.