What is quantum advantage?

COMMENTARY | A quantum computing scientist explains an approaching milestone marking the arrival of extremely powerful computers.

New purpose-designed chips poised to boost generative AI development

Ethical use and computing power are two of the top concerns in getting AI into government service.

No, you’re not that good at detecting fake videos

COMMENTARY | 2 misinformation experts explain why and how you can develop the power to resist these deceptions.

Getting better deals for the government

COMMENTARY | Steve Kelman explains that common sense has often had a tough time getting accepted in debates about procurement policy.

The government’s FOIA policy changes are adding to work levels and requests — but e-Discovery can help

Federal agencies received a record-high number of requests in fiscal year 2022, and FOIA backlogs are growing.

Driving innovation from the middle

COMMENTARY | NASA's Jennifer Elkins is an example of how senior civil servants can affect change in large organizations.

Generative AI like ChatGPT could help boost democracy – if it overcomes key hurdles

COMMENTARY | New technology offers some interesting opportunities to improve democratic processes.

The federal government is already using AI — it's time for a formal process to ensure the technology is safe

COMMENTARY | The rapid operationalization of AI will require federal agencies and industry to work together to achieve success.

Cybersecurity must be a priority in the event of a government shutdown

COMMENTARY | Bad actors will be aware of a government shutdown and work to exploit any new vulnerabilities, so it’s critical for the government to have a plan for damage control.

AIs could soon run businesses – it’s an opportunity to ensure these ‘artificial persons’ follow the law

COMMENTARY | If AIs are going to play a role in society, they’ll need to understand the law.

Let the community work it out

COMMENTARY | Throwback to early internet days could fix social media’s crisis of legitimacy .

A looming public safety crisis that government IT can avert

The end of copper telephone lines could spell trouble for the delivery of emergency services.

What is a virtual power plant? An energy expert explains

COMMENTARY | Virtual power sources typically are quicker to site and build, and can be cleaner and cheaper to operate, than new power plants.

3 keys to CX success

COMMENTARY | Start small, build integrated experiences and keep pace with technology.

New technique uses near-miss particle physics to peer into quantum world

COMMENTARY | Two physicists explain how they are measuring wobbling tau particles.

Generative AI is set to transform crisis management

COMMENTARY | The emerging technology's versatility offers a wide variety of promising applications in disaster relief, and opens up facing real time analyses with tangible applications in the real world.