If You Use Gmail, Google’s Tasks App Just Became Indispensable


Google’s new Gmail redesign is now live, but that launch has overshadowed the rollout of another new app from the search company—a revamped to-do list called Tasks.

The Tasks app can be downloaded as an app on iOS or Android, but also can live in the same spot as Gmail’s new persistent calendar. This means that your task list is actually easy to use within Gmail, and accessible on your phone—which was not the case when Tasks was previously crammed into a Gchat window.

Dave Gershgorn/Quartz

If you’re like me and: A) put off responding to emails, B) hate having unread emails, then this persistent task list is amazing. By opening an email and adding it to your Task list, the subject line of the email and a link to the email are added to the Tasks list on the right side of your Gmail window.

This functionality can even be used to make shortcuts to email chains you want to refer to often, kind of like a bookmark bar for your emails. (With the functionality to make multiple lists, you could actually have a separate list of email bookmarks.)

Aside from this cool feature, the Tasks app is pretty barebones. Set a task, add a reminder and some details, make multiple lists. It’s basically a pen-and-paper to-do list, accessible everywhere you can use Google products.