Firefox Quantum Just Might Transform Your Internet Experience


Mozilla hopes the new browser will draw people away from Google Chrome.

After 2 months of beta-testing, Mozilla is releasing Firefox Quantum, a new ultra-fast browser designed to compete with Google Chrome.

According to Mozilla, the browser is backed by new, powerful engine, meaning it can handle as many tabs as you want to open. The company also claims that Quantum uses 30% less memory than Google Chrome.

For those concerned about privacy, the browser comes equipped with a private browsing mode, that includes a special tracking protection tool to prevent hidden trackers embedded in ads from following you around online.

Nick Nguyen, Firefox's vice president told Mashable he just hopes that people give it a try

"Today, people use Firefox as their secondary browser," Nguyen said. "We think it's good enough to be your first browser."

Open-source project WebPageTest conducted a speed test between Quantum and Chrome. While Chrome was the fastest to load Google sites like Gmail and Youtube, Quantum came out on top with sites Yelp and Shutterstock.