Do You Trust Amazon to Enter Your House?

Julie Clopper/

The online retailer unveiled an app that would allow delivery drivers access inside your house to drop off packages.

Amazon announced a new service on Wednesday called Amazon Key, which would allow an Amazon delivery worker to place packages just inside the door of the recipient's house.

This may be welcome news to the many people who have had packages stolen or damaged by inclement weather but requires significant trust in the online retailer. 

The service includes a smart door lock, a Cloud Cam security camera and an app that lets users monitor and control the technology remotely.

Once an Amazon user sets up their address for in-home delivery and orders an item, the delivery worker will show up with the package and use an app to unlock the door, place the package just inside and then use the app to lock the door again. Users will get notified of the delivery on their own apps and can view a video recording of the drop-off. 

The app will also let users let in guests, dog walkers and cleaning services. 

For those interested, the kit to set up Amazon Key will cost $250 and is only available to Amazon Prime members. Amazon will begin rolling it out to 37 metro areas in the United States in November.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET: