DHS Wants To Test Drive First Responder Tech in NYC

Leonard Zhukovsky/Shutterstock.com

The department is collecting proposals now for an expo to be held in October.

The Homeland Security Department is looking for cutting-edge technology for emergency response, and wants New York City's first responders to test it out. 

DHS plans to demonstrate and assess new safety-related products -- including systems designed to track and take down drones -- in October

DHS is gathering proposals from industry and academia on several topics, including technology that can help first responders communicate in underground tunnels and subway systems, breathing apparatuses with heads-up optical display, and methods for sharing emergency information. 

DHS' effort, called "Urban OpEx," is focused on products specifically designed for disaster response in cities. Program officers are also looking for mobile technology that can help law enforcement agents detect red flags, such as abandoned baggage, and analyze citizen behavior using facial recognition to identify potential criminals or people needing assistance. 

The program is collecting proposals until March 13, 2016. 

New York's first responder teams will review the proposals, identifying the ones that could potentially fill existing "capability gaps." In October, emergency response and law enforcement professionals plan to test the products " before committing to investment decisions.”