Video: DARPA Predicts What Tech Will Shape the World in 2045

DARPA's vision of the future definitely involves robots.

DARPA's vision of the future definitely involves robots. Jose Gil/

From advanced robots to telepathic thoughts

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's mission is to explore and develop emerging technologies for the Pentagon. Many of DARPA's achievements -- including the Internet -- however, have affected more than just the Defense Department. Now, the agency is asking its scientists to predict what technologies will shape the world in the next 30 years. 

Former astronaut Pam Melroy, who currently works as the deputy director of DARPA’s Tactical Technologies Office, sees a future rife with communication and collaboration between humans and machines to complete previously unachievable tasks.

Meanwhile, neuroscientist Justin Sanchez, who works as a program manager in DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office, envisions the use of "neurotechnologies" that would enable communication between humans through thought alone.

Learn more about these future technologies in the videos below, from DARPA: 

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