Video: Mistletoe Drone Floats Above San Francisco's Union Square

Can Christmas-themed drones turn around the technology's reputation as killing machines?

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Domestic drones, the couriers of the delivery system of the future , can drop off just about anything they can secure in their mechanical grips—prescription drugs, packages, tacos . This holiday season, one succeeded in delivering something that wasn't tangible: a hint of romance.

Decked in a sparkly red garland, a piloted drone dangling mistletoe floated over San Francisco's Union Square, hovering above the heads of couples until they kissed, as they are wont to in the name of holiday tradition.

The drone was created by San Francisco-based artists George Zisiadis and Mustafa Khan, who debuted a clip of it in action on YouTube last week.

Christmas-themed drones are unlikely to turn around the technology's reputation as killing machines , but they could make some techie's holiday party a lot more fun (or awkward).