Coming This Month

Coming soon in digital form.

Coming soon in digital form. huyangshu/

Site will replace 18-year-old for legislative information. will be the sole source for texts of pending and passed legislation, committee reports, congressional floor speeches and cost estimates from the Congressional Budget Office beginning Nov. 19, the Library of Congress announced on Friday.

The site, initially launched in 2012, will replace the 18-year-old, named for Thomas Jefferson, the Library of Congress’ unofficial founder and third president of the United States. will also include legislative process videos, committee profile pages, member profile pages and historic bills reaching back to the 103rd Congress, which began in 1993.

Unlike Thomas, is mobile-adaptive, meaning the page automatically adjusts to fit any screen, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Followers of the @Thomasdotgov Twitter account will also be transferred to the @Congressdotgov account, the library said.

The site will add new content through 2014, the library said, including nominations and treaties. 


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