Second Round of Solicitations Added to Simplified Federal Contracting Site

Rashevskyi Viacheslav/

The RFP-EZ beta site gets a reboot.

A new crop of solicitations has been posted in the past few weeks to the government’s startup website for simplified government contracting RFP-EZ.

There were 15 solicitations on RFP-EZ Monday afternoon, including one for a new mobile application to help the U.S. Marine Corps communicate with marines and recruits and one for a new health promotion Web tool for the Health and Human Services Department.

That’s more than double the six solicitations posted to the site early this year in a first-round beta test.

RFP-EZ was one of five projects assigned in 2012 to teams of Presidential Innovation Fellows, private sector entrepreneurs serving short term government tours. The project’s goal was to simplify the government solicitation process for small technology contracts and open those contracts up to a wider array of small businesses.  

RFP-EZ was renewed this year with a second round of innovation fellows. The second round of fellows is focused on integrating RFP-EZ with other government contracting websites so agencies can automatically post to multiple websites at once. The fellows also hope to expand the site, which primarily focused on website design during its first round, to include open data products and translation systems, a fellow said.   

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