The White House Didn't Promise to Respond Quickly

Website listing unanswered We the People petitions is built with streaming data supplied by the White House.

A new website that uses streaming data from the White House’s We the People petition site shows just how long some petitioners wait for their promised reply.

Titled Helping the White House Keep its Promise, the site lists the 30 We the People petitions that have crossed the threshold to receive an official reply but haven’t got one yet.

Those petitions have been waiting 240 days on average, according to the site designed by Eli Dourado, a technology research fellow at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center. The 202 petitions that have received a White House reply waited about 60 days on average, according to Dourado’s analysis.

The list is of unanswered petitions is led off by two petitions that have been waiting for a reply since We the People’s first weeks online in September 2011. They ask the White House to “Require all Genetically Modified Foods to be labeled as such” and to “End the Military’s Discrimination against Non-Religious Service Members.”

The site was reported earlier by TechPresident.