Infographic: See Every Manned Space Flight Since 1961


From Mercury to the space shuttle, all manned flights in one graphic.

When people think of “bold” and “government” in the same sentence one program comes to mind for most Americans: the space program. Beginning with the Mercury Astronauts (the famous “Mercury Seven”), hitting its apex with the moon landings, and finding its stride with the shuttle program, no government initiative better represents what’s possible when bold ideas and technology combine with government initiative.

And, as our friends in Russia demonstrated today, we're still not 100 percent sure how to get a rocket into orbit every time. Making the number of times the United States has put a man into space and brought them back safely even more remarkable. 

The infographic below, courtesy of mgmt. design, maps the history of each of NASA’s manned space flights. You can see the advance of space vehicle technology as it proceeds from:

  • Project Mercury (1959 - 1963)
  • Project Gemini (1962 - 1966)
  • Apollo Program (1968 - 1972)
  • And the Shuttle Program (1981 - 2011)

Explore the infographic below and click here to view the original:

Image via NASA HQ