Emerging Tech

DARPA Needs Help Securing Its Programs From Foreign Influence and Malicious Insiders

The agency works on the most advanced tech research on the planet, often with critical national security implications.

Biden Budget Requests Major Investments for Federal Technology and Cybersecurity

The 1.5 trillion budget would give the Technology Modernization Fund and CISA big increases as well as launch new advanced research projects agencies.

Commerce Awards $29M in Coronavirus-Related Innovation Grants

The projects address economic, health and safety risks caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Survey Suggests Public Sector Slightly Better than Industry at Prioritizing Mobile Security    

A majority of respondents said they sacrificed security of IoT devices to respond to COVID-19 policies and for expedience generally.

Treasury’s $1B Cloud Contract Aimed at Single Cloud Broker

Contracting officials released a new clarification document as the department continues preliminary work on a broad cloud management contract.

U.S. Bans Business with 7 Chinese Supercomputing Firms

The new Entity List inclusions are reportedly due, in part, to use of products in China’s military pursuits.

Army Seeks Info on Biosurveillance Systems that Can Detect Coronavirus

The service wants off-the-shelf forecasting tools that could be part of a broader health-monitoring system.  

Jobs Plan Is Part of Competing with China, Commerce Secretary Says

Gina Raimondo said President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal will be key in out-competing China.

NASA Reaches for the Wright Stuff

Just being able to successfully hover off the ground will be a huge victory for the Ingenuity helicopter.

NASA’s Martian Helicopter Readies for Inaugural Flight on Earth’s Neighbor

The agency provided updates on milestones met—and a glimpse at what’s to come.

Federal Shared Services Provider Needs a System to ID Bots in Its Data Center

One of the four central financial service providers wants to use more robotic process automation in its data centers but needs to be able to track those bots—and any potential malicious bots creeping in, as well.

Pilot IRS Will Shift Focus to Key Technologies in 2021 Solicitations

Forthcoming solicitations will center on digitizing paper and poor-quality documents, high-speed scanning and automation tools.

Army Wants to Automate Base Access With Facial Recognition at Drive-Thru Checkpoints

The proposed system uses a reliable form of facial biometric identification but would need to control for variables like weather and low light.

Pentagon AI Hub Issues $241M Data Readiness Contract

The government intends to issue multiple basic ordering agreements over a five-year performance period, according to solicitation documents.