Emerging Tech

Pentagon Teams with Howard University to Steer Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence

The work will hone in on military-centered machine learning application development, research into trustworthy AI tech—and could help boost DoD’s talent pipeline.

How an AI Tool Distinguishes Between a Conspiracy Theory and a True Conspiracy

Machine learning is helping decipher outright conspiracy theories.

New Pentagon AI Chief: More Computers Would Bring Military AI Along Faster

Groundbreaking tools are around the corner, 3-star general says. The limiting factor is lack of computing power to grind through giant Pentagon datasets.

NAVAIR Looking for Research to Assist Digital Transformation

Naval Air Systems Command’s Digital Department put out a call for white papers specifying seven research areas of interest aimed at digitizing the organization.

Lawmakers, Experts Split on CBP's Proposed Biometric System Advancement

Some experts see Customs and Border Protection’s proposed rulemaking expanding biometric entry-exit as the culmination of more than a decade of careful work. Others say the technology poses privacy concerns.

How Two U.S. Military Bases Are Exploring 5G’s Potential

Defense Department-led pursuits of next-generation connectivity will hone in on survivability, security, and innovation.

Tech Trade Group: IT Modernization Investment May Increase Under Biden

The group expects the Biden administration to expand IT modernization efforts, in part to respond to COVID-19.

How Edge Computing and Hybrid Cloud Are Shifting the IT Paradigm

With cloud at the center of a whole new operating model, organizations will have distributed DevOps teams spinning up new applications in real time.

DOD Needs IT Support for Security Clearance Background Investigations Program

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency took over management of the background investigations process but does not own all of the related IT systems—yet.

CIA Awards Secret Multibillion-Dollar Cloud Contract

The agency has awarded a contract to bring foundational cloud services from multiple cloud service providers into the intelligence community.

VA Moves to Expand Its 5G Experimentation 

One of the agency’s senior innovators shed light on what’s to come—and how existing 5G pursuits have paid off in the pandemic. 

DHS CIO Shares Plans for Next Chief Data Officer

The department’s chief information officer said her office is moving fast on building segment architectures she expects will help with risk management. 

The Future of Defense Networks

The Defense Department’s taking an enterprise approach to its efforts to protect the government’s most important data and push it to decision-makers on the tactical edge.

Pentagon Risks ‘Paralyzing Ourselves’ as Tech Priorities Keep Shifting

That’s what the outgoing HASC ranking member says, and he’s not alone.

Bill to Codify GSA’s Centers of Excellence Awaits President’s Signature

The legislation would ensure the General Services Administration’s IT modernization initiative continues to the next administration.

CBP Proposes Eliminating Age Restrictions and Opt-Out Policies for Non-Citizen Biometric Data Collection

The new rule enables Customs and Border Protection to expand its biometric entry-exit program and changes other regulations along the way.