Emerging Tech

New bill would greatly expand Defense Department quantum efforts

Proposed legislation would establish a quantum advisor and a new center of excellence.

FTC names winners in AI voice authentication challenge

Winners came from the private sector and academia as the agency continues its crackdown on AI-generated voice cloning.

DOD is looking to grow its marketplace for speedy acquisitions of innovative tech

The Pentagon is working to build its Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace “out of the proof of concept phase” to help more DOD entities quickly acquire innovative industry products.

FTC rejects software companies’ bid to use facial recognition to verify user age

The Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously against approving a software verification tool that would use biometrics to meet requirements under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.

Deepfakes will be a ‘big problem’ for the 2024 election, officials say

Leaders from the Federal Election Commission and the National Intelligence Council noted that bad actors’ capabilities are increasing, while the government’s policing capabilities remain limited.

Clinton warns of hackers’ ‘leap in technology’ impacting the 2024 election

Rapid AI-backed advancements have let bad actors craft more sophisticated deepfakes and other sham content that could sway election results, she said.

Space operations likely to be shaped by sustainable emerging tech, report says

Innovative capabilities that promote reusability, safety and longevity are likely to dictate the future of space exploration, according to a recent white paper from Forecast International.

Lawmaker seeks to give NASA funding flexibility on interagency research efforts

Legislation from Rep. Eric Sorensen, D-Ill., would allow agencies to transfer funding to NASA to jointly partner on scientific or engineering projects.

NSF Report shows US-China AI rivalry sharpening

The National Science Foundation’s State of U.S. Science and Engineering documents Chinese leadership in AI patents, and U.S. leadership says workforce is the solution.

House Science chairman looks to pass quantum bill

Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Okla., highlighted the importance of National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act passage and steady funding for federal research agencies.

Biden calls for ban of AI voice impersonations in State of the Union address

The President became the subject of an AI-generated robocalling scam in January.

NSF announces $40 million for AI-powered protein design applications

The National Science Foundation wants researchers across disciplines to develop applications for artificial intelligence that boost researchers’ advancements in protein design.

Warner, Blackburn team up to reestablish U.S. leadership in international tech standards

New bipartisan legislation would ask NIST to help the U.S. establish a stronger international presence in setting emerging technology standards.

US signs on to international principles for 6G

In conjunction with nine other countries, the U.S. released six new principles intended to guide a global 6G wireless connectivity adoption.

NIST calls for quantum tech experts to join advisory group

As global agencies are preparing to set standards in quantum technology, NIST is working on forming a U.S. delegation to represent American perspectives.

Senate lawmakers look to set standards for educating America’s AI workforce

New legislation would model emerging tech training on processes used to establish NIST’s National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education.

Commerce advisory committee urges government to boost startup access to talent, funding

Congress should fully fund the Economic Development Administration’s regional technology and innovation hubs program to help the U.S. tech sector maintain its global leadership, according to the committee.