Emerging Tech

Ambitious Agency Modernization Efforts Demand Leadership Involvement

A panel of federal IT leaders said communication and training are also among the paramount requirements for successful digital transformations within federal agencies.

Sixth Member of International Hacking Community Sentenced in SIM Card Scheme

In response to the growing number of SIM hijacking incidents, federal law enforcement is cracking down on perpetrators.

Feds Warned to Look Out For Ransomware Grinches over the Holidays

Federal cybersecurity officials would prefer you keep your holidays a little more secure.

Energy Department Awards Verizon $34.6M to Modernize its Communications Services

Two new Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions task orders will underpin the work.

Space Force Has a Plan for Training Its Troops. Now It Must Figure Out What They Need to Learn

The newest service can’t train the same way its sisters do. It needs a new simulated environment.

FTC Investigating Major Retailers Over Supply Chain Backlog

The Federal Trade Commission requested data from nine large U.S. retailers to gauge causes of supply chain bottlenecks and rising prices.

Report: U.S. Workforce Falling Behind Competitors in Digital Skills

Experts advocate better school curriculums and tax breaks for reskilling existing workforces.

Commerce Proposes Third Party Audits as Criteria in Supply Chain Rule for Software

The Government Accountability Office says CISA should also update its approach to communications sector reliability by securing the supply chain for information and communications technology.

FAA Warns Of Holiday Laser-Light Display Dangers To Pilots

2021 broke records for the highest number of annual laser strikes, which can incapacitate pilots and endanger aircraft passengers.

Report Highlights 3 Ways to Successfully Reskill Employees

The report looked at tech training case studies to investigate the most critical elements in digitally transforming federal workplaces.

Infrastructure Law’s Digital Equity Goals Are Key to Smart Cities that Work for Everyone

Smart cities promise a shining future, but without deliberate efforts to include underserved communities they can worsen the digital divide.

NIST Asks for Input on Emerging Tech Trends and Risks for Congressional Study

Topics of interest include artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing, autonomous delivery technologies—and more

Government Watchdog Welcomes Treasury’s Data Collection on Cyber Insurance Claims

A Government Accountability Office report on the Treasury Department’s role in shaping the market for cybersecurity insurance is expected next spring.

Air Force Lab, New Mexico Institute Get Set for ‘High-Powered Window to Space’

Once completed, a sophisticated new telescope will support national security and could provide some of the clearest resolutions of space-based objects.

Maybe Don’t Blow Up Satellites in Space

Just look at the trouble the debris from Russia’s missile test already caused for the International Space Station.

Homeland Security Looking For Ideas on AI, Biological Surveillance

The Department of Homeland Security released a pre-solicitation for several innovative development projects.