Emerging Tech

US Export Controls 'in Urgent Need' of a Tech Upgrade, Experts Say

For the cost of “a helicopter or two,” the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security can drastically improve the technology it uses to manage the enforcement of export controls. 

NASA Test New Robotic Arm System Functional in Minus 280 Degrees Fahrenheit

The new technology will allow it to operate without a heat source in “extreme cryogenic environments.”

GAO: Agencies Need to Conduct Cyber Risk Assessments of IoT, OT Devices in Critical Infrastructure Sectors

A Government Accountability Office report found that the agencies responsible for managing infrastructure in the healthcare and public health, energy and transportation sectors need to better assess their cyber risk mitigation strategies.

Expect AR/VR on the Battlefield, Air Force CIO Says

Augmented- and virtual-reality gear will become more than just a training tool, Knausenberger says.

Report: Governments Behind Private Sector in Customer, Employee Experience

Governments have improved their digital transformation efforts, but much work remains.

DOD Creates Office to Enhance Investments in Tech Vital to National Security

The Pentagon’s Office of Strategic Capital will work with private capital providers to “shape and scale investment in critical technologies.”

U.S. Joins France in New Quantum Tech Partnership

Both countries will work together to develop and advance critical quantum technologies, the next step in the Biden administration’s larger push for global quantum leadership.

Ukraine Tech Chief: Cloud Migration ‘Saved Ukrainian Government and Economy’

“Russian missiles can’t destroy the cloud,” Ukraine’s minister of digital transformation explained.

DOD Wants Cyber Apprenticeships for Contractors, but Acquisition Regulations May Remain an Obstacle

DOD officials say contractors should increase the use of registered cyber apprenticeships, but some companies argue that federal contract requirements often lock them into education and experience prerequisites.

NASA Awards $57M Contract to Build Roads on the Moon

The award will go toward developing technologies to build infrastructure like landing pads and roads on the surface of the moon.

Capitol Hill Presses Crypto Exchanges Post-FTX Bankruptcy

Lawmakers launch probes into financial details of cryptocurrency exchanges as federal regulators stay quiet on FTX investigations.

NOAA, Microsoft Will Advance National Climate Efforts Through Advanced Tech Partnership

Microsoft’s cloud computing and artificial intelligence tools will help NOAA further its climate and weather predictions and forecast modeling through research and development efforts.

NASA Doubles Down on Gaming

NASA's videogames serve multiple purposes.

Microsoft, Defense Firms Partnering on Modeling and Simulation Capabilities

Microsoft is collaborating with defense sector companies as DOD seeks to increase its gaming, exercising, modeling and simulation capabilities.

FCC Bans Sale of New Devices From Chinese Companies Huawei, ZTE and Others

Friday’s order to ban new sales and imports from five Chinese companies is the first time in its history that the agency has blocked the sale of telecommunications equipment on national security grounds.

Will Tech Layoffs Finally Help Defense Firms Get the Engineers They Seek?

Some observers say industry and government are moving too slowly to capitalize on a unique opportunity.