Quiz: Are You The One Letting Hackers into Your Agency?


It's easier to accidentally provide hackers access to networks than you might think.

Agencies face different kinds of insider threats: malicious actors, coerced colleagues, and well-meaning but unwitting employees who don’t realize their bad habits make agency networks vulnerable.

Are you in that last category?

It’s far easier to be a cyber liability than a cyber protector. After all, a simple flash drive reportedly used at an Internet cafe and later in laptop connected to U.S. Central Command caused one of the worst breaches of U.S. military networks. The Defense Department’s response in 2008—when the breach came to light—was to ban removable media.

Does your weak password put your agency's network at risk? Was it OK that you accepted a Facebook friend request from that guy you met at a security conference? Use Nextgov's Cyber Assessment Tool to find out whether you're the weak link in your agency’s cyber defenses.

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