Introducing the New FITARA Channel

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The new addition will cover the ins and outs of Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act policymaking.

The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, among other aims, intends to empower agency chief information officers by granting them greater control over their agencies’ IT budgets. 

Adoption of the legislation is already underway. December was the deadline for agencies to submit their implementation plans detailing exactly how they would ensure CIOs are in the loop when it comes to IT contracting and spending.

But with any new sweeping policy, the future presents both roadblocks and opportunities to transform how the government buys and leverages technology.

Because of its significance to CIOs and other IT leaders and implementers, we here at Nextgov have decided to have a dedicated channel to all our FITARA coverage. The channel will cover the ins and outs of FITARA policymaking, the federal government’s IT budget for the coming year and how CIOs are using their new authorities to tackle an array of problems, including upgrading archaic legacy IT.

The channel will be updated regularly. You can find it here.