Micheline Casey heads west

Micheline Casey, the Federal Reserve's first chief data officer, is returning to her private-sector roots in Silicon Valley.

Micheline Casey

As more Silicon Valley technologists and data scientists make the move to Washington, one in the federal IT community is headed in the opposite direction. Micheline Casey, former chief data officer at the Federal Reserve, has been appointed to ClearStory Data's advisory board, the data intelligence solutions provider announced Dec. 15.

Casey has more than 20 years of technology experience in both the private and public sectors, most recently as the Federal Reserve's first chief data officer. She was brought on in 2012 when the role was relatively new to the federal government; the first agency to adopt the position was the Federal Communications Commission in 2010.

At the Federal Reserve, Casey was tasked with leading a growing team, managing a $12 million budget and expanding the agency's data organization.

Previously, Casey worked as a consultant at CDO, and from 2009 to 2011, she served as the nation's first state-level chief data officer, in Colorado.

"One of the many reasons we are excited to have Micheline as adviser is the deep knowledge of the data silo and data analysis challenges faced by highly regulated industries such as financial services, health care, insurance and government," said Sharmila Mulligan, founder and CEO of ClearStory Data, in a press release.

Casey told FCW that she was honored to have served as the Federal Reserve's first chief data officer and proud of the work she and her team accomplished, but she was excited to return to her private-sector roots.

Although her official role as adviser has already begun, she will not be actively involved until after the holidays.