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Aleida Fernandez

Aleida Fernandez is an FCW editorial fellow.
Digital Government

Micheline Casey heads west

Micheline Casey, the Federal Reserve's first chief data officer, is returning to her private-sector roots in Silicon Valley.


Privacy groups discuss encryption with White House

Obama administration officials met with multiple civil liberties groups about a petition urging the president to support strong encryption.


White House reacts to pro-encryption petition

As "going dark" becomes a hot button issue in Washington, privacy activists are urging the White House to hold to its stance on commercial encryption.

Digital Government

Digital engagement is important to voters

The second round of findings from Adobe's Digital Government Survey shows that modernizing the government's online presence is an issue that both political parties can rally around.

Digital Government

Carnegie Mellon professor to serve as FTC's chief technologist

Carnegie Mellon University professor Lorrie Faith Cranor will replace Ashkan Soltani as chief technologist, the consumer protection agency announced on Dec. 3.

Digital Government

Kerber leaves GSA

Jennifer Kerber is resigning as director of the General Services Administration's program to take a private-sector job.


Erica McCann

Erica McCann makes recommendations about legislative and regulatory actions that affect the contracting environment, which benefits both government and industry.

Digital Government

Alexander Lin

At TCG, Alex Lin was assigned to the project, where his innovative thinking and risk-taking exceeded expectations.


Is it time to regulate the automotive Internet?

Despite sensational media reports about cyber vulnerabilities, Congress and federal officials appear to be in the slow lane when it comes to regulating connected cars.


Cloud is powering enterprise transformation, Verizon report says

The market for cloud services is maturing, and users are leveraging cloud to transform their operations, according to a report from Verizon.


What will Paul Ryan’s speakership mean for federal workers?

Groups representing federal workers worry that Speaker Ryan will back pay freezes for federal workers and steep cuts to federal benefits as part of plans to balance the budget.


FEC seeks to demystify campaign finance data with betaFEC

The Federal Election Commission launched betaFEC, an interactive website aimed at making campaign finance information easier to understand.

Digital Government

IC plans as part of transparency effort

U.S. spy agencies are trying to come in from the cold, on a limited basis, under the banner of open government.

Digital Government

Could proposed legislation make cars MORE susceptible to hackers?

A bill intended to protect vehicles against cyberattacks could have the exact opposite effect, FTC and NHTSA officials warn legislators.


GSA, DCMA honored for EA accomplishments

The 13th annual Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Awards recognize transformation efforts and clear EA results.


Federal cybersecurity: Not as bad as you might think

Despite a spate of major breaches, turns out the federal government has relatively good cybersecurity, at least according to a new study from BitSight Technologies.