Intelligence Research Agency Plans First Industry Confab


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The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity plans to hold its first industry day since its founding in 2006.

The purpose of the gathering – held Oct. 29-30 “is to provide a unique look at the breadth and depth of IARPA's research through briefings, discussions and demonstrations,” including the Aggregative Contingent Estimation – or ACE program -- which seeks to improve forecasting of world events through the wisdom of crowds.

In case you wonder if this is a must-attend event, the FBO notice rather immodestly notes IARPA is one of the government's "most creative agencies”.

As befits a spook outfit, IARPA did not disclose the location of the separate top secret or unclassified industry day sessions, limited to 200 and 400 folks, respectively.

To register -- and learn the location of the industry days -- send an email to

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