Government CIOs Say They Lack Resources to Manage Their IT


Nearly one-third says IT infrastructure is inadequate, survey finds.

Sixty-two percent of government chief information officers don’t have what they need to manage the information technology under their control, according to a recent survey, and nearly a third of respondents said they aren’t dealing with adequate IT infrastructure anyway.

“Despite recent increases in their budgets, government CIOs remain challenged in their access to resources and are more dissatisfied with the IT infrastructure that serves their community’s constituents,” said Paul Mandell, CEO of Consero Group, an events company that conducted the survey.

CIOs reported security concerns as well, with 53 percent saying they were not sufficiently prepared for a cyberattack. That number was actually down from Consero’s previous surveys; last year, 58 percent said they weren’t ready for a cyberattack. Nine percent of government CIOs surveyed have experienced a data security breach in the past 12 months, according to the survey.

Thirty-two percent of respondents said their government IT infrastructure was inadequate, 43 percent said it was adequate and 25 percent said it was advanced.

The survey draws from answers provided by 47 respondents and was developed as part of a government CIO event hosted by Consero in July. The event included federal, state and local government CIOs.

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