20 big-dollar IT budgets

Most of the biggest spending proposals are in the fiscal 2015 budget are agency-wide enterprise or infrastructure projects.

The federal IT Dashboard is getting ready for a makeover with data from the 2015 budget request and updates from the latest round of PortfolioStat updates. In the meantime, the Mega53 document, which collects the Exhibit 53s on federal agency IT investments, has been posted online.

Here's a list of the 20 biggest federal IT projects, ranked by proposed fiscal 2015 budget expenditure. Most are agency-wide enterprise or infrastructure projects, but a few relate to mission delivery, including $324 million for administration of the 2010 health care overhaul and $264 million for the NextGen air traffic system at the Federal Aviation Administration.

Agency Investment 2015 Budget Request (millions) 2015 Agency IT Budget 2015 (millions) % of Agency IT Budget
Department of Veterans Affairs Medical IT Support: This investment includes all planning, development, modernization, enhancement, operations and maintenance, and disposal activities and resources for information systems, computing, and network infrastructure that support the delivery of medical care. 1,236 4,032 30.67%
Department of Veterans Affairs Enterprise IT Support: This investment provides operations and maintenance of information systems and infrastructure that support corporate management, financial resource management, asset management, human capital management, cyber security, privacy, and other services. 873 4,032 21.65%
Internal Revenue Service (Treasury) IRS Main Frames and Servers Services and Support (MSSS): Provides for the design, development and deployment of server, middleware and large systems and enterprise storage infrastructures, including systems software products, databases and operating systems for these platforms. 638 3,971 16.06%
National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA IT Infrastructure: NASA's IT Infrastructure investment reports on Agency managed efforts for communications, end-user systems, data center, IT security, IT management, and infrastructure applications. These services serve all NASA mission areas and field centers. 504 1,442 34.97%
Social Security Administration Infrastructure - Data Center: Data Center provides the IT Infrastructure for SSA's computer network and facilities. It maintains SSA's mainframe, client server desktop, and intranet/internet infrastructures, which support the transfer of information between the agency and end users. 489 1,538 31.79%
Customs and Border Protection (Department of Homeland Security) CBP - Infrastructure: The IT infrastructure is the backbone that supports all of CBP's systems. 470 5,813 8.09%
National Protection and Programs Directorate (Department of Homeland Security) NPPD - National Cybersecurity & Protection System (NCPS): The National Cyber Security Division, through its National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS), protects the Federal civilian departments and agencies IT infrastructure from cyber threats. 378 5,813 6.50%
Transportation Security Administration (Department of Homeland Security) TSA - Information Technology Infrastructure Program (ITIP): ITIP supports of the TSA mission to design, deploy, maintain while ensuring freedom of movement for people and commerce. TOP will intergrate within ITIP prior to the FY15 season. 373 5,813 6.42%
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Department of Health and Human Services) CMS IT Infrastructure - Ongoing: CMS IT Infrastructure provides the IT platform that is essential in serving Medicare & Medicaid beneficiaries, provides partners and stakeholders with prompt, secure access to information for decision-making purposes, and supports other IT objectives. 360 8,627 4.17%
Federal Aviation Administration (Department of Transportation) FAAXX115: Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement Program (TAMR-P): The automation systems rely on data from radar, weather sensors, & flight plan information to inform controllers of the aircrafts location & intended path of flight so they can safely & efficiently maintain aircraft separation at or near airports. 341 3,283 10.38%
Internal Revenue Service (Treasury) IRS Telecommunications Systems and Support (TSS): This investment supports MITS' network infrastructure services. This includes WANs, LANs, servers, switches, etc., for voice, data and video servicing about 1K IRS sites. 338 3,971 8.52%
Department of Veterans Affairs Medical 21st Century Development Core: The investment objective is to design, build, implement & maintain an integrated health care delivery and management system necessary to support our business partner and the Veteran. This investment provides critical components that will be reused. 338 4,032 8.39%
National Institutes of Health (Health and Human Services) NIH IT Infrastructure: Investments in systems that enable the production, publication, and dissemination of research and biomedical knowledge. Dissemination may occur via web, print, and other publication activities. 337 8,627 3.90%
Internal Revenue Service (Treasury) Affordable Care Act Administration: The Affordable Care Act Administration investment encompasses the planning, development, & implementation of IT systems needed to support IRS' tax administration responsibilities associated with key provisions of the Affordable Care Act legislation. 324 3,971 8.16%
Federal Aviation Administration (Department of Transportation) FAAXX704: Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B): Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) is the leading technology opportunity to meet the FAA's initiative to transform the NAS into the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). 264 3,283 8.05%
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (Commerce) USPTO Network and Security Infrastructure: This investment describes the IT operations and services provided to the USPTO and external customers by the OCIO, enhancements and upgrade of the IT infrastructure, and the projects planned in order to improve these systems and services. 261 1,990 13.14%
National Nuclear Security Administration (Department of Energy) NNSA Consolidated Infrastructure: This business case is an umbrella investment for the child investments reported. As such, this business case describes, at a very high level, the IOAT end-user support systems; e.g. datahosting, telecommunications, mainframe/server system. 253 1,453 17.41%
Department of State Bureau IT Support: This investment encompasses centrally provided shared IT support services such as desktop services; telecomm, wireless & data services; peripherals; software; and any other IT infrastructure costs incurred by the bureaus. 253 1,460 17.30%
Social Security Administration Infrastructure - Telecommunications: Investments in telecommunications address telephone service (National 800# Network), wide area network and video teleconferencing systems, monthly recurring charges for services,connectivity and bandwidth support data, voice & video & maintenance. 246 1,538 15.99%
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Health and Human Services) CMS Quality Program: This investment includes the infrastructure, development, support, implementation, operations, program management, security, and data needs for all quality initiatives. 242 8,627 2.81%

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