Pentagon to Detail Plans for Spectrum Auction

Fittingly, the news will be streamed live via the Pentagon Channel.

Spectrum management once used to be something of interest to radio geeks like me, but now that seemingly everyone in the country over the age of 3 has an iThing, the topic has widespread implications.

Which is probably why the Pentagon Channel will stream live at 11 a.m. EST tomorrow (Feb. 20) a press briefing by Defense Department Chief Information Officer Teri Takai, focused on what I expect will be the transfer of spectrum used by the military in the 1755-1780 MHz band for commercial use by way of an FCC auction.

I expect Defense to retain access to the 1780-1850 MHz Band, which commercial carriers would also like to grab.

Spectrum definitely is valuable real estate, but it is also finite and federal agencies still need it for missions a tad more important than binge viewing House of Cards