Calculate Your Cyber Salary

Online tool calculates average earnings based on title, experience, location and more.

Wired Workplace wrote Monday about a new report finding cybersecurity professionals on average earn $116,000 per year. But is that an accurate reflection of what you should be earning based on your education and experience?

MeriTalk has launched a new online calculator that cyber pros can use to reveal their expected salary based on their job title, years of experience within the cybersecurity field, geographic region, academic qualifications and professional certifications.

For example, a junior cyber pro with less than one year of experience, an associate’s degree, zero certifications and living in Minnesota earns a whopping $91,124.90 annually on average, while a cyber security manager with five to nine years of experience, a Bachelor’s degree, two certifications and living in California, earns $111,529.10 annually on average, according to the calculator.

At the top range, a deputy CIO/CTO/CISO with 15 to 19 years of experience, a doctorate, five or more certifications and living in the Washington, D.C. region earns $142,826.30 per year on average.

Is your salary an accurate reflection of your skills, education and experience?