Nokia's Map app even more annoying than Apple Maps, old Google Maps

A screenshot of the recently released Apple Maps application

A screenshot of the recently released Apple Maps application AP

A comparison test between the three apps finds that Nokia's latest lacks in overall usability.

Nokia's HERE maps are now available for the iPhone in the Apple store today, so it's time to see how the app stands up to both Apple's much-maligned native Maps and Google Maps for iPhone. We know, we know: Google Maps for iPhone doesn't exist, you say — not for the public, at least. But a lot of iPhones out there (mine included) still have the old operating system installed, with the beloved Google Maps as its default (R.I.P). The iOS app that Google is reportedly working on — and will attempt to get Apple to accept early next year — might not look exactly like the old Google Maps, with turn-by-turn directions and a spiffed-up look, but it will use the same Google trove of data, and we think it serves as a pretty good model for what to expect... and for a comparison test. So, I went ahead and tested the three apps with some common tasks. And, sadly, I would not recommend Nokia's maps over Apple's or Google's mostly because the overall usability doesn't do it. It's not even worth it for the subway directions. Don't believe me, see for yourself, feature-by-feature. 

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