A Desktop That Goes Where You Go

DHS offers a virtual desktop interface as part of its mobility strategy.

While telework was not included as a major component of the White House’s digital government strategy, released in May, the Homeland Security Department is making remote work a major part of its mobility plans.

In a blog post on CIO.gov, DHS Chief Information Officer Richard Spires wrote that DHS is implementing Workplace as a Service, or WPaaS, a virtual desktop interface that will enable DHS personnel to perform their mission wherever there is access to the Internet or the DHS internal network. DHS personnel also will be able to access the virtual desktop from handheld devices including smart phones and tablets, he said.

“Mobile computing enables the implementation of effective telework across the federal government to ensure the continuity of operations as well as reduce management costs and the federal government’s footprint, which ultimately leads to higher-performing and more efficient organizations,” Spires wrote.

Spires noted that WPaaS delivers multiple benefits to employees and the department by replacing traditional desktops and laptops with virtual computing that provides as-needed operating systems and applications at monthly, pay-per-use service with scalability, all while preserving security.