The Almost-Everything-You-Wanted-to-Know iEHR Summit

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What will Roger Baker be doing during the summit on interagency electronic health records?

The Defense Strategies Institute has gathered up a galaxy of folks from the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments for a gabfest May 14-15 on the integrated electronic health record, which will serve both the Military Health System and the Veterans Health Administration.

Speakers include Barclay Butler, director of the Defense-VA Interagency Program Office, which will manage the development of the iEHR. Other Defense high rollers include Karen Guice, principal deputy assistant secretary of Defense for health affairs; Air Force Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Charles Green; and Henry Sienkiewicz, chief information officer of the Defense Information Systems Agency.

VA participants include Peter Levin, chief technology officer and Paul Tibbits, deputy CIO for architecture, strategy and design.

Notably absent from this lineup is Roger Baker, the VA CIO. I have asked the VA why Baker is not a speaker, but have not heard anything back yet. Maybe he has a conflicting canasta tournament those two days.

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