So, Where Was the Panama Navy?

Earlier this week, the Carnival Splendor cruise ship with about 4,500 passengers and crew members aboard went dead in the water after an engine fire, 200 miles or so south of San Diego. The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier came to the rescue, flying thousands of pounds of food to the stricken ship, including cases of Spam, the food anyone in the military loves to hate.

I think this was mighty generous of the U.S. Navy since the Splendor, like all other ships operated by Carnival, flies the Panama flag, freeing the company from paying U.S. taxes or hiring staff paid U.S. wages.

Somehow I don't feel warm and fuzzy about my tax dollars being used to fund an operation to help out a company that dodges U.S. taxes.

Panama, by the way, has a miniscule navy incapable of a Spamlift.