The Case of the Disappearing Health Record Presentations

Files are no longer on SPAWAR-LANT website.

Last November I wrote a piece for our news pages detailing plans for the Defense Department’s new and long delayed electronic health record based on presentations made at an Oct. 31 industry day by the new management of the Defense Healthcare Management Systems Modernization -- or DHMSM – office in the Defense Health Agency.

That article included links to briefs by Christopher Miller, DHMSM program executive officer, Navy Capt. John Windom, DHMSM program manager, and responses to questions from industry -- all stashed on a website run by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command-Systems Center Atlantic, where Miller worked before winning his PEO stripes in September.

A Defense reader alerted me that all of the above files have mysteriously disappeared from the SPAWAR-LANT server sometime in the past month.

I don’t know the “why” behind this, but the lesson is that it’s always a good idea to put such files on our server. These are key files for anyone tracking the evolution of the next generation Defense EHR, and it would be lovely if DHA and SPAWAR-LANT resurrected them. Please.

Or, maybe the National Security Agency – which collects everything digital – could send me a copy.

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