Well Done, VA Blogger Alex Horton

The former Army grunt is living proof the GI bill works.

Alex Horton, one of the original crew on the official Veterans Affairs Department VAntage Point blog, sent out a note today saying he will leave the department Friday to concentrate on  completing his undergraduate studies at Georgetown University and then figure out what to do next.

Alex, who served in Iraq as an Army grunt, is living proof that the GI bill works and a testament to the VA for seeking out voices that ring true on its blog.

In his farewell note, Alex also demonstrated that he knows how to exit with grace, humility and kindness:

“As some of you might have heard, Friday will be my last day at VA after three fulfilling, rewarding (and occasionally frustrating) years. If you are receiving this message, it meant you were instrumental and helpful in some way. You may have taught me what to do (or not to do), introduced me to the right person, sent helpful thoughts, sent helpful criticisms, talked ideas over email or beers, or yelled from behind a keyboard to tell me to get my act together. This is my way of saying I deeply appreciate it.”

He concluded, “There is absolutely no way I could’ve reached this point if it wasn’t for the kindness of strangers and friends to lend considerable opportunities. I left Austin with a few community college credits and a resume full of manual labor jobs and landed in D.C., somehow, and each of you helped in your own way. I hope to keep you as friends, colleagues and collaborators into the future. Please feel free to keep in touch. I’ll be around and hope you are too.”