Pentagon IG: 'FOUO' label on classification memo a mistake

Label was applied to the document only until names were redacted.

Last week I reported the Pentagon inspector general had slapped a “For Official Use Only” stamp on a memo dealing with misclassification policies and procedures, an odd approach to information sharing.

Bridget Ann Serchak, public affairs chief for the IG, told me the FOUO label was a mistake, applied to the document only until the names of the folks who signed it had been redacted. (If you are a GS-15 or under, your name gets erased from documents posted to the Web.)

Click here for the document with the FOUO line now crossed out.

Quick work -- but only due to the fact that Nextgov shined some light on this. I wonder how many documents unnecessarily bear the FOUO label just because someone likes to use the stamp?