US and allies test robotic vehicles in electronic warfare environments

A test conducted by the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia subjected robotic ground vehicles to electronic warfare attacks to identify and address vulnerabilities.

Defense innovation Unit looks to scale up in new phase

The director of the Defense Innovation Unit said the new strategy places a greater focus on helping the Pentagon “leverage the best of commercial technology and innovation at speed and scale.”

Defense Innovation Board looks to lock data access in 'all vendor agreements'

A recent study from the advisory group said data access requirements in the Pentagon’s vendor agreements are “fragmented and inconsistent” and called for Congress to take action.

More tech sector collaboration is key to U.S. global leadership, DOD official says

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks said “the future of our nation depends” on closer ties between the Pentagon and the private sector.

NSA illegally purchases Americans’ internet data without a warrant, senator says

The NSA’s purchases of commercial metadata without a court order — revealed in documents exchanged with Sen. Ron Wyden — violate consumer protection laws, the Oregon Democrat claims.

Software delay will reduce F-35 deliveries for a second straight year

Lockheed says the TR-3 upgrade, due last year, has slipped to third quarter of 2024.

The Pentagon is already testing tomorrow’s AI-powered swarm drones, ships

DOD pulled off unmanned amphibious landings, self-coding drones, and more just in the last year. What's next?

Some secret military programs are getting a little less secret

New classification guidance aims to streamline operations within the Pentagon and with foreign partners.

Experts expect some support for small businesses facing CMMC compliance

The Pentagon’s draft CMMC rule doesn’t exempt small firms from the security standards for defense contractors and subcontractors, but that doesn’t mean they won’t receive any help meeting the requirements.

Pentagon unveils its long-awaited defense industry strategy

The first-of-its-kind document aims to address fragile supply chains revealed by a global pandemic and simultaneous international conflicts.

DOD’s AI adoption efforts are starting to pay off, Pentagon official says

The Defense Department considers emerging technologies at “the center of how we think about planning for what the future of the military should look,” according to the head of the Pentagon’s Force Development and Emerging Capabilities office.

Pentagon updates digital engineering guidance

The Pentagon’s new guidance for implementing digital engineering into defense systems covers the development and sustainment of weapons systems, software, business systems and the acquisition of services.

The Army wants smaller command posts. But first it needs great software

What’s missing is the ability to rapidly configure existing gear and networks to a given mission and environment.

The Army’s network is changing. But it still ‘needs work’

The service’s modernization chief said future war will be a conflict of systems where command and control will be central.