Across the Army, units lean into drone experimentation

In division after division, soldiers are learning to use a rising wave of robots and other unmanned systems.

Space Force inches closer to classified remote work

The platform could be a popular remote-work solution for Space Systems Command.

Navy looks to Army for more data analytics capability

The sea service is also planning to release a new information strategy in July.

The US is still falling behind on electronic warfare, special operators warn

New space and low-power solutions are needed to operate against modern jamming.

DOD ordered to evaluate mobile device cybersecurity in 2025 defense bill

The evaluations would include basic tools like virtual private networks that encrypt connections when browsing the web.

The Pentagon’s brewing a build-a-cloud program for defense agencies

The young platform, dubbed Olympus, is designed for self-service commercial cloud needs.

Giant military manta ray drone passes first ocean test

Manta Ray prototype demonstrates propulsion, steering in step toward “real-world operations.”

How digital engineering could produce new weapons faster

“This enables process automation more broadly,” GDIT engineer says of new accelerator.

The Army is trying to identify all the obstacles to adopting AI in 100 days

Launched in March, the effort is looking at poisoned datasets, adversarial attacks, Trojans, and more.

Deal will allow military spouses to telework from overseas

The move to allow federal employees to telework while overseas with their service member spouses is part of a larger effort to boost recruitment of military spouses.

Pentagon can’t force Starlink to block service to Russians, US official says

US is “taking steps” and “working through” the problem with SpaceX and Ukraine, space-policy leader says.

‘Military force’ could be directed to protect private sector orbital assets, DOD strategy says

The Pentagon’s first-ever commercial space integration strategy said the department would take steps to “mitigate risks to commercial space actors.”

The Pentagon wants to help boost cybersecurity for small contractors

A new strategy outlines how the Defense Department plans to increase security and strengthen relationships across the industrial base.

DOD’s emerging tech experiments will continue to support CJADC2, official says

The Pentagon’s ongoing Global Information Dominance Experiment will build upon the department’s minimum-viable interoperable information-sharing network announced la

The US must create an independent cyber armed service, report argues

The study involved interviews with over 75 active-duty and retired U.S. military officers and argues an independent Cyber Force is an ideal operating model.

Pentagon names new top official for digital and AI

Radha Plumb, currently deputy undersecretary of Defense for acquisition and sustainment, will replace Craig Martell as Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer on April 8.