Don't Click This Mysterious WhatsApp Link


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WhatsApp users or people who are friends with WhatsApp users, watch out: There's a new online scam targeting you.

A malicious WhatsApp link is cropping up across social media and in inboxes everywhere. First discovered by The Next Web, the link promises the opportunity to download WhatsApp in new, fun colors. But instead of a colorful messaging app, users who follow the link's instructions get stuck with adware on their computer.

One hint it's not a trustworthy link?

The URL after opening the link has nothing to do with WhatsApp. The first thing the site asks users to do is to "verify yourself" by posting the link to social media or share it directly with friends, in effect spreading the adware further. After users have "verified" themselves, the link informs users the color change can only be accessed on a desktop.

From there, users are directed to install the adware extension from the Google Chrome store.

In general, be very wary before installing any random apps or extensions, unless you're absolutely sure of the source.