Brit Allegedly Extracted Data from Pentagon Satellite System


The data compromised includes employee contact information and mobile device ID numbers.

A U.K. man allegedly broke into an international satellite messaging system the U.S. military uses to communicate with global personnel, British officials announced Friday. 

Police arrested the 23-year-old unnamed West Midlands man Wednesday.

The data affected was “nonconfidential” contact information for about 800 people, according to a U.K. government statement. Specifically, the information included names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers.

The suspect -- purportedly affiliated with the Lizard Squad hacking group -- published screenshots of an online application used to control the database. The individual also posted the following message on the file-sharing website Pastebin:

“We smite the Lizards, LizardSquad your time is near. We’re in your bases, we control your satellites. The missiles shall rein upon thy who claim alliance, watch your heads, ** T-47:59:59 until lift off. We're one, we're many, we lurk in the dark, we're everywhere and anywhere. Live Free Die Hard! DoD, DISA EMSS : Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services is not all, Department of Defense has no Defenses.”

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