Hackers Defile Crayola, Borrow F-35 Designs and Tick off Madonna

Pablo Hidalgo - Fotos593/Shutterstock.com

Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.

In case you missed our coverage this week in ThreatWatchNextgov’s regularly updated index of cyber breaches:

Hacker behind Leaks of Madonna’s, Other Entertainers’ Songs Apprehended

Police on Jan. 21 arrested a 39-year-old Israeli man for allegedly penetrating the computers of a number of international singing stars, including Madonna, and selling their material online.

Crayola’s Facebook Page Tries Out Some New Shades of Gray

A social media account belonging to the crayon company, a model of innocence if there ever was one, was hacked by unknown perverts who posted racy links to R-rated websites for a day.

Hacked La La Land Street Sign: 'READ A F—-ING BOOK'

The obscene message appeared on two Los Angeles area road displays.

Chinese Cyber Spies Stole Australian and US Fighter Jet Secrets

Key design information about the land-down-under’s new Joint Strike Fighter was copies by Chinese agents, according to documents leaked by ex-U.S. contractor Edward Snowden.

'World War III' Reported on Hacked NY Post and UPI Twitter Accounts

Pranksters hijacked Twitter accounts belonging to the New York Post and United Press International to tweet about hostilities breaking out between the United States and China.

(Image via Pablo Hidalgo - Fotos593/Shutterstock.com)