Video: The arrest of the face of Anonymous will of course be televised

Janos Marjai/AP

Anonymous member Barrett Brown's arrest Wednesday night was recorded by his own computer.

When you're the so-called face of Anonymous , a lot of your life gets documented online, including, for Barrett Brown, video threats to an FBI agent and his subsequent arrest. We still don't know why Brown was arrested on Wednesday night . But because he lives so much of his life online, we got to see video of his arrest, hear audio, and even get a transcript. And we can also see videos Brown posted earlier Wednesday that sure seem like they could have led to the raid.

Daily Dot did a great early rundown of how Brown's arrest became "one of the most thoroughly covered arrests in multimedia." He was with his girlfriend, on a video chat with 12 others when an off-camera commotion broke out and Brown left the frame before his girlfriend turned the webcam off. But the audio ran, and shouting from someone who sounds a lot like law enforcement can clearly be heard. Soon after, someone who had been recording the video chat posted it to Mediafire , someone else posted cleaned-up audio , and then a transcript went up on Pastebin . Brown is still in custody with the FBI, Wired reports , citing a Dallas County sheriff's spokeswoman.

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